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 1. Dr. Yuzana binti Yusop                         Work Conflict-Inappropriate behaviour (harassment, bullying & mobbing) at Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Malaysia (Read More)
 2. Dr. Yuzana binti Yusop   Understanding inappropriate behaviour harassment, bullying and mobbing at work in Malaysia (Read More)

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Khairul Amri bin Kamarudin         

  Gender Differences of Smoking  Perception Among Adolescents in Terengganu, Malaysia (Read More)

International Journal Of Research In Pharmaceutical Sciences (Read More)        


Flood Risk Index Assessment  Case Study in Lenggor River Basin, Johor, Malaysia (Read More)


 The Vulnerability of the aquifer unitd in the flood-affected areas of the east coast peninsula Malaysia (Read More)


Application of Ca-Markov Model for the Analysis of Urban Growth in Kenyir Basin (Read More)


Research on Male and Female Youth Perceptions on the Use of Pornographic Displays in Social Media (Read More)


Analysis of Incremental and Component of Value-at-Risk in the Stocks Investment Portfolio (Read More)


Assessing water scarcity in Malaysia: A case study of rice production (Read More)


Assessment of Hydrological Inspection Using Development Low-Cost Boat Application in University Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) Lake, Terengganu, Malaysia (Read More)


Evolution of river geomorphology to water quality impact using remote
sensing and GIS technique (Read More)

       Flood Impacts on Economic Factor in Kelantan, Malaysia (Read More)

Impact of Malaysia major flood to river geomorphology changes and total
suspended solid using GIS technique (Read More)


Magnetic Data Acquisition System (MAGDAS) Malaysia: installationand preliminary data analysis at ESERI, UniSZA (Read More)


Sedimentation and water quality deterioration problems at Terengganu River Basin, Terengganu, Malaysia (Read More)


The Hydraulic Modelling on Sediments Ponds in Binanga Aron River, North Sumatera Indonesia (Read More)